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For more than 15 years, fundinginformation.org has been helping hundreds of fundraisers and organisations just like you to get core and project funding:

  • Identify the latest sources of grants, contracts, loans and other finance: In these recessionary times it's easy to believe that there's little new money around for charities, community organisations and public sector agencies. Happily that's not true: Each month we cover tens of millions of pounds worth of new sources of money from charitable trusts and foundations, Central Government and local authorities, the National Lottery, Europe, and companies.

  • Understand how to apply for grants and approach donors more effectively: With full details of the guidelines and priorities. Are there geographic restrictions? Which communities are supported? Are rural and urban areas covered? Who makes the decisions and how? Is there an application form? Who can you contact to discuss your application? What is the closing date?

  • Develop fundraising beyond grants: As important as grants are to many organisations, they are not the only answer. Learn about social enterprise funding and seeking contracts. How can you identify and build relationships with individual donors or develop membership fundraising?

  • Move to sustainable fundraising: Develop a strategy for the long-term as well as a short-term fix. Understand the economic, social, political and other trends that are influencing fundraising's future. How are others responding to the opportunities to broaden their core as well as their project income?

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