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What's different about fundinginformation.org?

We know there are other places you can get fundraising information, so why should you pick fundinginformation.org? Three words: Complete, Usability, and Support.

Complete: Subscribers get password access to the fundinginformation website. Updated daily, it covers full details of:

  • New sources of grants, contracts and other finance available to not for profit organisations across the UK, whether you are working in Britain or overseas. It doesn't matter if you are a local community group in Glasgow or Bristol, or a national organisation with a budget of £20 million, we have you covered. And you don't need different subscriptions for different sources: We cover grantmaking trusts, companies, the European Union, the Lottery, central and local government and quangos in the one place.

  • How existing donors are changing their guidelines and priorities: What are they looking for now? Why have they changed? What does it mean for you?

  • Our unique weekly coverage of new grantmaking trusts registered in the past 7 days. We will tell you about the people behind new grant opportunities, about why they set their foundation up, and who they are seeking to support. We carry out our own first-hand research and bring you information not available elsewhere so that you can be first to benefit from new potential donors. And we continue to monitor them and keep you updated as the first grants are made.

  • You know what a problem short-term deadlines are. Our Futuretrends section helps you understand what's influencing the fundraising world so that you are ahead of the game. For example it will help you identify a new government funding scheme months before it is formally launched, allowing you to prepare ahead of making that all important application. It will also help you get to grips with new developments like cloud funding and twitter-fundraising.

Usability: We are experienced fundraisers ourselves so we know what information you have to have to make sure your application stands out from the crowd. We fully research every item we cover. Each entry tells you, in a readable way, everything you need to know about eligibility, and how, where and when to apply. And you can download a full text copy of each item to keep your colleagues and those you work with informed too.

You don't have to remember to log in every day. We send weekly e-mails to all registered users highlighting the new funding sources we have covered. Each month we produce a PDF file of all the recent additions and you can download this for your own needs or for others to use.

Support: Having the information you need is important. But it's not enough on its own. Whether you are an experienced fundraiser or a project worker who got landed with the job, we want to share our experience with you. Unlike other information providers we are really happy if you call or e-mail us. Get assistance as you develop your own fundraising strategy or learn how to fine tune your approach. We can't comment on individual grant applications, but we can help you think through your overall plans and help you create an organisation that will be able to face its fundraising future with confidence.

Whether you are a rural organisation in Cornwall working with local young people, a Housing Association in Aberdeen providing social services for your tenants, a national organisation rolling out a pilot project across Wales, a public/voluntary sector partnership in Birmingham building a healthier community and reducing drug crime, a CVS wanting to enhance your funding advice services to members, or a council looking for external funding to help local organisations and supplement your own services, we will do all we can help you find the funding you need.

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